trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Mic check, 1, 2, mic check

Ihave a regular comedy team waiting on me overnight. They are keeping me in stitches *laugh*. It's a murse (male nurse. Sorry. Watched a lot of Scrubs while on medical leave last month) and a male vitals tech. Each hour or so, they converge on me for vitals, meds (wake up so we can give you something to sleep), and a doppler check of my left breast. It is like being pregnant again, because they have this REALLY sensitive and REALLY loud doppler pen that they squirt with liquid to hear the blood flow in your breast. The nurse picks it up in the background while the tech was emptying my drains and he starts talking into it. "mic this. 1, 2." *chuckle* It's great to have a little humor while recovering. Or even humour if they aren't from here.

GS, you asked about the support I am getting. Overall it has been good care and support. The issues have really only been with the nutritional services and with the afternoon to evening crew last night. The others have been very good about calling to clarify things with doctors, talking with me about what they are doing, and fairly rapid response. So, down girl! ;) I know love will make you want to strike out when there are problems, but I think this was just a certain configuration in the stars and I may not see it again before they release me on Thursday.

Ooops. Gotta go pee. Not the quickest endeavor in the world. I want to be fresh for my 5 am narco and 5:30 morphine iv shot!
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