trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Give me a break! Throw me a fucking bone here. I get good news that I might get to go home for Christmas, then come back after for any following surgeries.

Then Scott told me he was feeling sick, so he might not be out here until time to check out.

THEN they came to pick up my dinner tray. I think this is the same wonder-brain that rolled her tray right over my catheter and tried just yanking it free. This time, she got my IV line caught up in the bed with a kink in it. I called the nurses' station and kept silencing it. It stops it for about 10 seconds, then it comes back on. After doing that about 20 times, I decided I was going to go out there and get someone to shut it off. I stood up and one of the drains that keeps filling up practically explodes all over me. I had blood and fluids literally POURING out of one pants leg. Still, nobody coming. I walked down the hall to the nurses' station to see FOUR people, one of them my nurse, moving around and laughing.

I know they have been busy, and I can't begrudge them a good laugh a week before Christmas, but DAMN IT ALL TO HELL! There is blood on me, my clothes, my floor, my bed, etc. They brought me back in and reset the alarm and I swear she was just going to turn around and leave until I said I would like some towels to clean myself up and a fresh gown. I wasn't about to go cleaning my own floors, either.

Yeah, they need to get me out of here before I go crazy.

45 more minutes until the next dose of morphine. Now that I have an IV line again.
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