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georgiaskydiver fails at poisoning attempt

This had us all laughing today.

After my October operation, georgiaskydiver was one of the people wonderful enough to provide us with a meal. She had Honey-Baked Hams send us a great sliced turkey with sides and a pie. YUM! We had it for dinner the next night and enjoyed every bite.

That was October. Guess what we get in the mail today? A postcard from Honey-Baked Hams telling us that turkey has been recalled because many of them were contaminated with lysteria monocytogenes.

What's wrong with this picture?

a) Their practices allowed contaminated turkey to be shipped out


b) They send out possibly contaminated turkey and then write almost TWO MONTHS LATER telling us not to eat it?

Yeah. B. These things happen. Contamination happens despite many best efforts. Telling someone not to eat something you sent them two months ago is like telling a person not to get shot after the bullet has already left the gun.

On a more serious note *laugh* None of us were sick from eating it. The food was fantastic. We just had a great laugh at the expense of a company who sends us a notice like that 2 months late, and also that it gives me a chance to tease georgiaskydiver about her failed poisoning attempt ;)


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Dec. 11th, 2006 11:15 am (UTC)
Famous poisoners
I love reading classic true crime stories on CrimeLibrary.com, but I have never found a poisoner who used sliced turkey... Interesting concept.

We are having an expired-food-being-relabeled scandal here. I keep eating that food and never got sick.
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