trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Twitch, twitch

I got my TENS unit in the mail yesterday, and it has done wonders for my back. I knew it would, because it it did during physical therapy. I know because of therapy just where to put the leads to have it work.

I thought I would try it on my knee, because I have some residual pain from January's surgery. I'm guessing arthritis is setting in since there is no cusion left in the inner knee. This is SO FUNNY! It took me a LOT of tries to figure out where to put the leads. Every time I tried, the top one would stimulate my thigh muscles to contract! I turn the unit on and my thigh jumps along with the stimulation.

Thankfully, I finally found where to put them to target the area I wanted to, without making my leg jump around :)
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