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I can't hear you!!!

So it's off to the ENT with Matthew again today. After consistently
failing his hearing tests for a couple of years now, he went in
Friday for further testing at Children's hospital. Turns out he can
hear fine - he just chooses not to. He's ignoring us or too involved
in what he is doing to hear us. Physical loss of hearing, I could
deal with. There is a cut and dried way to deal with that. However,
how do you deal with a child that is just obstinate?

After dropping Matthew back home, it will be time to visit my
physical terrorist again. He's made a lot of improvement in my
mobility and the overall level of pain I feel, but my GOD does
he have to be so cruel to do it? :) You mean I can't just stay
on vicoden for the rest of my life? :)
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