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Say it ain't so

*UPDATE: The computer booted after several hours of screwing with it - but I'm afraid it will crap out on me at any time*

I am absolutely, utterly screwed. And not in a good way.


Today I was on my laptop to set up newsgroups for my class that starts tomorrow. As hubby and I will be going out of town for our anniversary Friday through Sunday, and I also have to be 'in' class, I NEED my laptop. Besides, it is my only computer I can play City of Heroes on :) Of course, that's not why I am frantic.

When the laptop got to half battery power, I took it back downstairs to plug it back in. Only I forgot to plug it back in. Tonight, I went to check on my classword and the computer was dead. Ok, the battery was dead. I saw it wasn't plugged in, plugged it back in, and gave it a little while to get some charge. The charge light and the battery light were lit up, so I assumed it was doing that. When I went to turn it on, you hear it start to spin up, but then it just freezes and nothing happens on the screen (stays black). The lights saying the computer is powered up and working are on. I turned it off (by popping the battery since it was just sitting there) and let it charge for a couple of hours. I tried again - same thing.

I wonder if maybe it overheated by depending on the battery for that long (the laptop runs hot usually). Or maybe when the battery was fully discharged it just crapped out and decided to not take another charge. It's still under warranty, and I can get it fixed locally, but that takes about a week. I don't have a week. I have, basically, one day before I need it.

Does anyone have any ideas what I could look at here? I'm not a hardware person, and even the little I do know about hardware is on the unix server side - not PC and certainly not laptops.

Please - have pity and shoot out ideas. I'm dying here :)

Maybe when I have a LAPTOP back, I'll post about our wonderful weekend. Synapsys:

- Plano Balloon Festival. VERY cool, but forgot my camera. Have bad camera photos. Walked many miles and my back hated me.
- Instead of Oktoberfest, we ate German with the boys at Bavarian Grill.
- Greek Food Festival. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Michael swallowed a small battery (idgit) but it made it to his tummy and we have XRays we can tease him with for the rest of his life.
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