trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Post 3 of 3: Indiana trip

Matthew, Michael and I goof off at Science Central in Fort Wayne:

Michael takes a giant step for five-year-olds on the Moon jump at Science Central:

Nika, Malorie's new ferret (Nika means 'born on Sunday', and we bought her on Sunday):

Malorie, in the dress she will wear to her first real high school dance. I can't BELIEVE how much our little girl has grown up!:

Gram (Scott's grandmother), Michael, Matthew, and Scott's mom on our 'Christmas':

Matthew opens a present from Malorie and with a dramatic roll of the eyes says 'Underwear?????':

Michael gets some Ice Age figures:

Michael and Matthew give Grandmama their gifts:

Malorie has a 'special' gift for Uncle Scott:

Luonge pants with the Frenchman from Monty Python (I fart in your general direction):

Scott's cousin, Monica, came over with her three kids (Elizabeth, Caroline and Hunter) and they played with Michael and Matthew's new Pirate board game:

Monica (rather blurry) and all five kids:

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