trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Post 2 of 3 - Indiana trip

Uncle Paul, Matthew and Tonia:

Grandfather, Malorie, Scott's mom and sister getting ready for the hay ride:

Lacey Rose, Malorie's Cockapoo:

The fire:

Michael and Matthew, Michelle, Lacey and Uncle Paul check out the Koi Pond:

Michael and Matthew were VERY fascinated by the pond:

The Koi pond waterfall:

Michael waits for the start of the hay ride:

Uncle Paul waves as we take off:

Michelle and Matthew:

My darling hubby, Scott:

Grandmama and Michael:

Michelle and Matthew:

The old barn Scott and his cousins used to play in (wasn't falling down then, they tell me):

The second hayride with Matthew in the driver's seat! This was their FAVORITE part of the trip!:

Malorie, Lacey, Scott's mom, Michael, Aunt Nancy, and Michelle:

Michael's time to drive!:

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