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Post 1 of 3 - Indiana trip

Our trip to Indiana was wonderful, as usual. We got to see much of Scott's family and relax for 10 days. With the exception of one night where I slept alongside my husband in his grandfather's house, I spent each night laying on the pullout couch in between Michael and Matthew at his mom's. We had a few highlights:

- I took Malorie, our niece, out for her first manicure and pedicure. She's 15 now, and it was so interesting to sit and talk to her alone. She's always been a part of my life, since Scott and I began dating when his sister was pregnant.

- We went over to Uncle Paul and Aunt Nancy's place, where they had a fire for us to toast marshmallows over. Uncle Paul got out the tractor and hooked up a trailer full of hay. We spent most of the day doing hay rides around their land. What a fantastic day!

- Scott, despite resistance from his sister, got Malorie a ferret :) She's a sweet little girl we named Nika. This is in keeping with our 'family tradition' of naming ferrets Russian names starting with N. Scott and I used to have Natasha, Nakita and Nadezhda. Nika is a sweet girl and Malorie really seems to love her.

- We spent a good deal of time cooking. Thanksgiving was a TurDuckEn stuff with jumbalia, one night was three kinds of Boudain with french bread and grilled shrimp, another night was roast with yorkshire pudding, and we had three kinds of bread across the 10 days: Pumpkin, Date-Nut, and Zucchini (my request).

- We drove out to an old silver diner (the REAL kind, from the 50s) about 45 minutes away, and had the BIGGEST, crispiest burgers ever, chocolate cokes, vanilla cokes, and yummy ice creams.

- We spent some time in Grabel, an Amish community we always go into. They have great antique stores and plenty of handmade objects around. I always pick up some body butters in new scents, candles, and the whole family buys WAY too much candy! Scott even picked up a black hat in an Amish supplies store. Not that anybody here would realize what it was. I told him he needed black suspenders to go with it. :)

Anyway, the next two posts will be pictures. I divided it in two because I realized I had a LOT of pics from the hayride day. :)
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