trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Monday morning

Another surprise this morning - Blizzard and Cyclone (our crested gecko pair) laid another clutch. So, we have one surviving viable egg from the last clutch, that could hatch in the next 2-5 weeks. Now, we have two more eggs, both of which seem viable, which should hatch in the next 60-70 days. If these guys start actually producing, and I get good enough to get the eggs to cresteds in the pet store are about $50 each. I might could sell these for enough to at least make up for maintenance costs. Might buy crickets *laugh* Of course, I'll probably keep the first one to hatch, and anything that seems to have a REALLY cool morph, so it could be bred when it grows up.

I haven't even had an egg hatch and I'm already planning :)


I have to dream, I guess. I'm alone now. The boys are in school, and Scott left this morning for a business trip. He won't be back until Friday night at midnight, so I'm fending for myself. He then leaves again on Monday morning and comes back Tuesday night. I'm really going to miss him, and I'll be getting a lot less rest in the evenings *grin*
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