trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Stop me before I crochet again!

I found something very dangerous for me right now: Crafts for a cause. :)

I picked up a couple of the 'Crochet for a Cause' kits and one 'Knit for a Cause' kit (because I am determined to learn how to knit. A craft has never beaten me like knitting has.) I was amazed at how easy the crochet scarf was!!!! Granted, I have crocheted quite a bit in the past, but it was basically two stitches throughout the whole thing. A six foot scarf took me about, oh, four hours total tonight while I was watching TV. I'm going to be giving it to my mother-in-law in a few weeks as a Christmas gift. She's a breast cancer survivor. I would also make one for my mom, but she lives here in Texas whereas my MIL lives in Indiana. She'll actually USE a scarf *laugh* I may try to whip out another one for my sister-in-law and neice, but in different colors.

The knit scarf is mine, because I'll probably fuck it up somehow :) If not, it will be a really cool accessory since it is that pink fur yarn.

Seriously, if you knit or crochet, or want to learn, and you have a Joann Fabrics near you (or are willing to order online - see links above), these kits are great. Most of the proceeds go to the Komen Foundation, they include a laminated breast exam card, and all of the supplies you need to make the scarf (yarn, knitting needles or crochet hook, instructions, finishing needle).

You know, this was so easy to make something 6 feet long and six inches wide, I bet this would make a pretty easy weekend afghan pattern. Hmmm.....nope. I'm not going to start an afghan now. I won't be able to use my arms soon for very much, so I only have another couple of weeks for crafts.
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