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And the Valium award goes to...

It makes such a difference in my life to not have school to worry about. I am on a two week break from school right now and my stress levels have greatly decreased. I have one class starting the 23rd, and then when it is over, I have to wait until after the first of the year to take the last class and the final. I've hit the limit of my tuition reimbursement program, so I have to delay that class and final. It will give a nice break, and give me some time to study for the CLEP exams I need to take.

This past weekend, we relaxed with the boys. On Sunday, we took Michael and Matthew on their scooters to the park across from our house. We also took our two dogs - Pepper/Mini-Me (a fairly skittish neurotic Sheltie) and Barqs/Mini-Scott (A lovey-dovey gruff Cairn Terrier). We spent a good while over there talking to fellow parents and dog owners while the kids ran around and burned off energy.

Yesterday, I started my water therapy and I will admit that I'm sore today. I am much better equipped to strengthen my core muscles in my stomach and back after having the rhizotomy. As the doctor explained it, I still have disk problems, nothing we can do with that outside of surgery, which I am against right now, but the rhizotomy has REALLY helped with the arthritis in the facet joints of my lower spine. I can work out with little pain. Monica, my current physical terrorist, had me walk the length of the pool for 15 minutes, then five minutes walking it backwards, then five minutes walking it sideways. The water is such a wonderful warm cocoon it makes it enjoyable. I told her I wanted to push myself WHILE I was pain-free so I could carry myself through the times that I can't work out. We started working the upper body with just my cupped hands as resistance, then moved up to floaty weights, and I finally got her to move me to these large paddles with small holes in them. Wow. Really hard to move against those! I'm going two times a week for 3 1/2 weeks, then I'm just going to sign up for an arthritis water class, if I can find one that isn't just a bunch of old ladies doing minimal water exercise. Surely, there are enough of us 'young uns' with arthritis, especially with the numbers of juvenile RA, that they could have a youth-enjoyable class!

The kids are cracking me up this morning playing with their Rescue Heroes. They love those guys and I don't mind them because they are 'good' play - they fight fires, rescue people, help in other ways instead of just going off and violently fighting, shooting guns, things like that.

OH! Two funny stories!!! If you ever want to know how effective a marketing campaign is, just ask a three year old. A few weeks back, Michael told me he needed 'Fresh Clean Air'. He had seen the Ionic Breeze Air Purifier commercial and they told him he needed fresh clean air. Ok, could have been a fluke, right? No. On Saturday, I was cleaning out under my sink and sat a Magic Eraser on my counter. It's a new cleaning sponge that works REALLY well!!! Anyway, Michael knew what it was on site and said it was the Magic Eraser. He grabbed it and put it under the faucet, said 'You get it wet, then wring it out', which he did. Then he said 'Now it GOES TO WORK!!!!' He went around cleaning the walls. It's great.

Kids crack me up.
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