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When do I go back to a stress-free life where the biggest issue is that I partied too hard? Are those days REALLY over?

Ummm, yes. Yes. They are. :)

I'm sitting here tonight waiting for time to get Michael and Matthew ready for bed. They've been wrestling all day. About 7:00, Matthew starts screaming and I look over to see him and Michael wrestling in front of the couch. No problem, they just played too hard.

Fast forward a 15 minutes. Matthew is STILL screaming and his hand has swollen up. We put ice on it and I took him to the children's urgent care. He kept saying he was tired, and I figured - it's about his bedtime, so not surprising. They took his temp and asked if I knew he had a temperature. Uhhh, no, I didn't. We're here for his hand. Maybe it's because he's been crying so much?

He started shaking a bit, saying he was cold, and getting goose bumps. By the time the doctor was X-raying his hand, he's laying face down on the table, shaking and falling asleep. The doc got worried and started asking if he had gotten into any medication (no, it's locked up), eaten anything bad (nothing the rest of us didn't) or if anyone was sick (not with anything contagious). They drew blood to do a full workup. His temp got even higher. They gave him two shots of antibiotics, one in both legs.

About 5 minutes later, he threw up. All over himself. All over me. All over the floor. Yay.

We moved rooms, changed his clothes, and he fell asleep in my arms.

We don't know WHY this happened. All we can figure is that it was a reaction to how much his hand hurt him and the amount of crying he had done. They doc should call in the morning and let us know if they found anything in his bloodwork.

I guess Matthew gets to stay home with me tomorrow. Again. He's been home more than he's been in school. I just want him healthy and enjoying his school, learning things and making friends.
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