trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

My Knights in Shining Armor

I'm a pathetic Plano mommy. On Friday, the boys are having a 'Fairy Tale Ball' at their school. I didn't have anything to dress them in, so I got lazy and bought cheap sets of plastic armor for them. I told them it was an early Christmas present :) At least now they won't feel left out.

I also got half of their Christmas shopping done today (ordered). They are hopefully having a light Christmas, if I can keep myself restrained to the wishlists I built.

I also cheated today. *SSSHHHHH* I drove to CVS to pick up some antibiotics for my WONDERFUL bladder and kidney infection (welcome to 7 caths in 2 weeks), and also drove to pick the boys up from school. Who thought it could be so exhausting??

Other than that, still just sitting around on the couch, reading, working Sudoku puzzles and munching out. Oh, I also got thank you cards at the CVS, so I'll be trying to fill those out over the next week or so.
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