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Feeling like a turkey

Ever felt like you were being fattened up? Well, I just got a package from georgiaskydiver!!! EVERY kind of Chex Mix (my favorite snack), and several bags of her favorite apple snacks. YUMMY!!!! I can sit on my ass and fatten myself up for Thanksgiving, just like the turkeys!

Matthew is in the entryway playing with the ball you sent. He keeps tossing it upward and yelling "He shoots!" He's heard us say 'He shoots, he SCORES!' too many times. :)

Thank you SO MUCH!

Don't ever worry about calling here, btw. I would much rather talk to you than sleep my day away.


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Oct. 23rd, 2006 09:30 pm (UTC)

The pumpkin basketball was too funny to resist. And Matthew's reaction makes it even better. Too freaking funny! (Especially since he's not bonking it off Michael's head).

As for the snacks, I was in the grocery store last week buying my favorite apple snacks, and there . . . on the table . . . calling my name . . . were those blasted Chex snacks. Knowing that they are your favorite, I figured it was fate so I filled up my cart with them. You should have seen the look on the checkout girl's face!

Besides, you can't get out to shop for yourself so I figured I'd help you out a little bit. Perhaps I should have sent something to wash them down with as well?

As for fattening you up, just wait until Wednesday . . . I won't say any more, but after Wednesday prepare to be fattened! *evil grin*
( 1 thought — Whatcha' think? )