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Ah, I love my friends :)

So my next door neighbor calls earlier today and says she
wants us all to get together for pizza abotu 5:30. I figure
just a couple of hours - our kids playing with their kids.
It might wind the kids down a little so they will go right
to sleep (which usually happens around 7:30). We take the
kids over to visit with their two kids (ages almost 3 and 5)
and another friend is over (sans wife) with his 1 year old
and 5 year old, and my next door neighbor's best friend and
husband are over with their 5 year old. Seven kids - LOTS of
tequilla. Umm, I lost count after 5 margaritas. We're having
a great time, the kids went swimming and are now covered with
mud, and by the time I get them home it's about 9:00. They
have school tomorrow. I gave them a quick bath (they were
covered in mud after all) and brushed their teeth.

You know, it's the impromptu things that get you. You just
don't EXPECT to spend 4 hours drinking on a Sunday night.
Especially with 7 kids running around you like demons. :)

Oh - highlight of the night was when the neighbor's 5 year old
son puts in one of his mom's CDs and all of a sudden out in
the backyard (of our conservative Plano neighborhood) is
"SHAKE THAT ASS! SHAKE THAT ASS!" I don't think his dad could
get in the house fast enough! :)
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