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So humbled

oddharmonic and voganpoet just left. I'm awed, humbled and practically speechless. The amount of time, thought and love that went into the food they brought us amazes me. Four days of meals are planned out, with a menu and preperation instructions. Everything is labelled so we know what goes with what. It is a variety of different foods, so we won't be bored. I'm trying to keep myself composed while typing about this.

You guys have not only filled our fridge, but you filled our hearts! I can't believe the love this displays and I hope I can find some way to even halfway repay you. I can't thank you enough. We will certainly enjoy EVERY BITE of this food and be able to focus on my resting and Scott taking care of the house and kids instead of either of us worrying about how we're going to put our next meal together. No more pizza and take-out Chinese this week! :)

*BIG HUGS* for you guys.


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Oct. 21st, 2006 12:34 am (UTC)
We love you and would be happy to do it again in December. Meal requests are welcomed since I was thrilled to find out Scott likes panang. (I promise I'll stop dancing around singing "panang" to the tune of the M.I.A. song "Galang" -- it was in a bunch of TV commercials this year so you might recognize it.)

vogonpoet has two requests: please save the plasticware and please give us feedback on what you guys liked and didn't like!
Oct. 21st, 2006 03:05 am (UTC)
We will, of course, be keeping, washing and then returning all of the plasticware. We haven't found anything we didn't like so far, and I'll keep notes on what worked well, what were the favorites, etc. We will let you do it again in December on ONE CONDITION - you let us give you cash ahead of time towards supplies! This is a LOT of food! :)

So far, Scott has really loved the panang beef (had it for lunch), I've had several you stack 'em English muffins, some basil chicken (YUMMY), corn (ALSO yummy) and the fries. And muffins. :) Tomorrow I look forward to cooking the tuna casserole and maybe doing Med. pasta for lunch. It's so fun to look through the menu, figure out what I want, and get it put together!!!

You guys ought to SERIOUSLY look at doing this as a business. You know there are places, but very few, that have a menu where they bulk cook certain items and you can buy meals to be delivered a week at a time. You both had it so together, and the food so far has been great. Might be a way to get things started.

(And don't worry - I've always thought Panang was pretty funny myself. Not near as my favorite 'Moo Fye Pork'. I just love ordering 'Moo Fye!')
( 2 thoughts — Whatcha' think? )