trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

True love

True love is when your husband will stop playing World of Warcraft to come help you wash your hair, make sure you got all of the soap off of your incision, and then dry your legs and both sides of your cath bag *laugh*

I did too much today, and looking back, I didn't do much. My stomach is so swollen and hurts when I move. I guess I'm going to have to really restrict myself to the couch more over the next few days and not skimp on my pain meds. On Friday, I have my post-op and we'll get rid of this damn cath. YAY!

Several bright things have happened today though:

- I came home to several cards, one from georgiaskydiver and two from people in my Mothers of Multiples group
- I found a mystery box on the table, and upon opening it found that a coworker of mine from California, who was on a spa vacation with her sister last week, sent me a 'nap kit' from the spa. It's a scented eye pillow, a CD of mellow music, and 'Sleep Well' AHA Body Lotion with rose oil, chamomile and valerion.
- Jax sent us take-out Chinese :) We pigged on all kinds of food, which was great since I went to make a sandwich for lunch and used the last two pieces of bread and the last of the lunch meat. Hubby has to go to the STORE tomorrow!

Taking a real shower tonight made me feel way more human. Now - must get comfortable and sleep. :)
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