trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Still here

They have decided, through a large meeting in my room, that I can't go home today :( I might actually have to take the catheter home with me when I do go, and have it taken out when I go for my post-op check. How much would that suck???? Anyway, when they took the catheter out the second time, I was able to go, they just checked and found I wasn't completely emptying my bladder, so they put it back in. Thankfully, they don't plan on doing that whole mess again. It sucked and I'm sore.

One of the major problems is that I still haven't passed out any of the gas from my abdomen after surgery. You can hear it, it just isn't going anywhere. Because of that, I can't be on solid foods. Thus we enter day 5 of broth, jello and italian ices. I'm tired of them.

Thankfully, I have lots to read bookwise, although I have decimated my magazines. I will just be here wandering the halls, laying in bed trying to rest, reading, and working sudoku puzzles. Every hour I will do my fantastic breathing treatment so they don't have to put me back on oxygen.

They opened my blinds, but it is grey and rainy outside. Blech. It's how I feel inside. Time for some more Darvocet.
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