trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

And so it begins

Just got a call from the hospital. They verified my insurance coverage and wanted to let me know that everything will be covered at 100%....of course, I have to pay my $500 hospital fee. That's pretty damn good compared with most surgeries, I guess. At least this time I'll know to plan for it in December. Question is - can I talk my hubby into picking up $200 if I pick up $300 of it? :)

December should be no problem.

I think I'm still waiting on a call from my 'sleep medicine' doctor (that's what we call it with the kids).

I have the directions printed out for Jill with instructions, and after I shower we're going to go get my mom. I still need to get all of their school stuff together, cereal stuff out, and mom just needs to tell them when to do everything. I just hope I sleep without all of the stress dreams from last night.

Otherwise, I'm all ready. I got a message from Colleen and Ang that they will stop by tomorrow night. I think Jax is stopping by on Friday, and maybe genebob. Don't know about this weekend, but I hope Scott brings the boys to come see me and they will let them in.

It feels weird to only have a little bit more work to do today and then I'm out. VERY weird. This is the first time I'm ever had a planned outage from work outside of 1-2 dayers. I knew I would have maternity leave, but didn't know I would go on medical leave at 28 weeks so there wasn't the preparation and waiting then. My hospital stays and surgeries have all be 'emergency' ones, so no stress for very long beforehand.

I can't wait to just get it over with.

(And this is the 'easy' surgery! *laugh*)

All in all, even though I can't tamp down my anxiety disorder, things are running smoothly and I feel confident I am doing the right thing. Everything will work out the way it is supposed to, as it always has in life.
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