trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

To-do list Ta-Done

I've been going back and updating my to-do list and marking things as done. I've finally reached that point where all I have to do is shave, shower and pack up my jewelry tomorrow. How scary. Everything else is done. Just in time I received my medical leave information, filled them out and packed them off.

I also received a second Halloween card from georgiaskydiver!!! I, too, am waiting for those CandyCornTinis.

Part of the day today was spent carving fake pumpkins. I think I LIKE this fake pumpkin thing. They look great, less mess, and I can use them year after year. They look so much like real pumpkins unless you get right up on them. I even got little pumpkin lights which flicker orange inside and look like candles. Michael and Matthew always want theirs to match their costumes, so Michael got a Jack-o-lantern that has fangs (he's Dracula this year), and Matthew got the Superman shield in a combination of cutouts and half-depth shavings (Yep, he's Superman this year).

Tomorrow, I go get mom and send jillions instructions on how and when to take the boys to school and pick them up. This is happening.

Know what though????? Both hospitals have wireless in the rooms, so Scott will be bringing me my laptop on Friday!!!
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