trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

The Tae Kwon Do tournament

Things went pretty well at the Tae Kwon Do tournament. We had a LOT of fun! There were disappointments (amazingly, mostly with me and another girl in my belt class) and times when we felt really proud.

The pictures aren't great, because we had to stay across the room. They are blurry, but give a good overall impression of the boys' time in their first tournament. Scott took them home right after their age class, and mine didn't start for another two hours, so nobody took pictures of me *laugh*

We all got trophies - Matthew and I got third place and Michael got second, all within our age group and belt class.

The part where another girl and I felt a bit...robbed was the method of judging. We ended up sparring, and then doing katas (forms). In sparring, she placed first and I placed second. When it came to forms, we were neck and neck for 1st and 2nd. If you are doing both sparring and katas, you get your trophy after the katas are complete. Unfortunately, with the katas, since there were only about 8 people participating in the women's, they judged us all together. Ok, that meant that we were going against two red belts (several levels up from us - considered an advanced belt) and a brown belt. Guess who got 1st and 2nd places? Not us intermediates, that's for sure :)

All in all, I was pleased with bringing home third and we all have great trophies to display with our belts and certificates now.

Yes, this little girl in pink sparring gear is actually two belt levels over Matthew and beat the ever-living-snot out of him. Kept hitting him on the head because Matthew wasn't guarding there, and eventually had Matthew where he was just not even fighting back. We felt so bad (but we also hid our laughter). I don't think it was fair to put a five-year-old orange belt up against a six-year-old blue belt. Matthew didn't score any points, but he stayed in the area he was supposed to and he didn't let the girl get any hits to his chest or sides.

Michael held his own during his match. He didn't win it, but he was within a few points of the guy. He also had to fight a higher belt, so I was really proud of him for coming in second in the bunch. We thought that Michael and Matthew would be sparring within their 3-5 year old age class, but since they were the only two sparring in that class, and because siblings can't spar each other, they had to spar with the 6-8 year old class. You can tell the boy Michael was sparring was much older than he was, but I'm really proud of how well Michael held his own.

Again, I hate that they are so blurry. After they got their trophies, they had a professional photographer take their photo in different poses. I'll post when we get those. Of course, the photographer bailed before our group got done at the end of the day *laugh*

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