trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Experiments with Henna

I actually like this, and have since gotten some better henna dye to use instead of trying to make my own paste using henna powder, lime juice and eucalyptus oil.

The band around my ankle, I did two days prior, and decided to add to it on my foot. To show the progression, I took three pics right before I took the paste off (I had left it on for 8 hours before finally letting it dry to remove) - front and both sides. Then I took one right after removing the paste. At that point, it looks very orange. Over the next day or two, it darkens into a rich brown, like the ankle band did. The last picture is the next day, where you can see it darkening, but not as dark as the ankle band yet.

I can't wait to play again with this!!!

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