trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

*groan* I can't believe I ate the whole thing

Tomorrow is our 11th wedding anniversary, but we had out dinner and exchanged gifts today. I got Scott a monogrammed cigar and flask (sterling silver for the 11th) in a monogrammed brown leather case. His big gift was a four-person wine tasting kit from Red Envelope. We REALLY look forward to doing that!

My gift was, as it often is, jewelry. But MAN! What jewelry! I'll have to take a picture later because it is gorgeous. It has a thick, doubled chain, and a large V set with over 100 diamonds. Oh. My. God. It looks absolutely stunning. Scott just keeps outdoing himself, year after year :)

Brett and Angela watched the boys at their place while we went out. It's good to have another couple you know is always there for you.

We went to Roy's for dinner, which has become kind of a tradition now. We've been doing it for about the last five years. We spend way too much money, eat too much and drink too much. We split three appetizers (lobster dumplings, two kinds of sushi), both had seafood combination platters which were DIVINE, both had the bento box of deserts (a small sampling of 4 kinds of desert), a bottle of Camus Connundrum and some Mai Tais. Roy's treats you right, especially if you come there every year. I'm assuming they keep some sort of database to know when our anniversary is and information about us. They brought us champagne on the house, wrote 'Happy Anniversary' in chocolate on a cookie in our desert box, and then gave us a chocolate bowl filled with hand-made truffles to take home for later.


I love you, Scott. Here's to many more years together!!!
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