trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Where did my brain go?

Ok, I've confirmed from several Internet sources (we know how reliable those are) that my sudden fatigue each day could be attributed to the move into menopause. I'll be glad after we get all this crap taken care of so I can start some HRT to get my body back in whack. I just can't stop and take a nap whenever I need one!

Anyway, my mind has also taken a turn for the worse. We're talking beyond normal blondy-bewilderment.

Today, Matthew had a 3:00 appointment with his immunologist. I checked both boys out of school 30 minutes early, dropped Michael off at the house, then went to the doctor's office with Matthew. While signing in, they said my appointment wasn't today, but tomorrow. And it's at 3:15, not 3:00.

Last week, also on Wednesday I think, I made plans for Scott to pick the boys up from school because I had an appointment with the gyn oncologist at 12:30. I drove downtown and signed in, only to find out I didn't have an appointment. It was THIS week on Wednesday. Thankfully, the doctor was able to work me in so I didn't have to make another trip down to UT Southwestern.

WTF? I'm missing conference calls, getting my days confused, taking naps, and trying to keep my tenuous hold on work. Either this has got to stop, or I've got to pray December gets here really fast so I can just stop EVERYTHING for a month for surgery and to get well again.

Dang, I guess that means I have to finish my Christmas shopping in October and November. That could be a good thing.

Now, I THINK I have an appointment with my plastic surgeon next week...
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