trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

More really old pictures

I finally got around to scanning in some more old pictures last night. Ok, actually, my ex-boyfriend, Thomas wrote and asked if I ever got around to it, so I went upstairs and got them done.

Let's start out with Minta and Vyta, identical twins that I went to school with and then lived with for part of our time at Auburn. We're standing in my room, which was pretty random with a unicorn blanket blocking light from the window, a Sid Vicious poster, a Rocky Horror poster, and one of a granny in a rocking chair flipping you off. Oh, and can't forget the Auburn wall hangings.

Now for some random friends, some of whom I still talk to, others I don't know what they are doing now:

Craig Robinson - last saw him at our 10 year reunion:

Dee Markman:

Corky, Corky, Corky. What can I say?:

Jeff Williams:

Keith Skipworth. I talk to his wife now, and have to remember to send this to her!:

My token redneck friend/date, Troy:

Rusty Jackson and I goofing off around the house:

Finally, a bunch of pictures of Thomas, my ex-boyfriend, who lives in Ohio now and I still consider a good friend after all of these years. Some are taken in Huntsville when we were together, others he sent to me from Germany

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