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Making a loud kiyup

Last night was a good night overall. I'll try to keep things in chronological order:

- Matthew took his short-acting Ritalin before going to Tae Kwon Do, so he was focused during class.

- I was able to focus myself, and put my all into class. As a result, I got a GREAT workout, made higher kicks than ever, stretched farther than ever, and got compliments from the senior belts who were assistant instructors.

- A new assistant, who moved to this class from another, gave me LOTS of great hints on how to improve small things.

- Midway through the class, the Senior Black Belt (also owner of the Dojo), came out to announce that Michael, Matthew and I had been officially invited to be a part of the Black Belt Club. This is actually a pretty big deal at our Dojo, and I'll explain what it is in the next bullet.

- Mrs. Reeves (SBB) took the three of us into her office after class, and we sat around and talked about the improvements the boys had made since starting, and the dedication and effort she saw from us as a family. Being a member of the BBC is a committment that you will keep striving towards BB status, and gives you some benefits to help along the way.
* You get to wear the red ghi to class
* You have a Black Belt Club patch added to your white ghi traditional test/tournament uniform
* You get half off all belt tests (THAT ought to cover the cost of the red ghi right there!)
* Any future belts will have a black stripe through the middle
* Discounts on future ghi purchases
* Unlimited classes and extra mat time
* Special leadership classes
* Finally, Black Belts with our names on them will be mounted on the Dojo walls until we have earned them

- Michael had such a good time in class that he asked me afterwards if we could come every night

- I signed the three of us up to compete in the tournament on the 23rd. Hopefully, I can get my husband out of bed to come watch. Also to be able to take the boys home, since their age group competes at 9:30 and mine doesn't start until 11:30. The boys are both signed up for sparring competitions only, since their forms are still a little bit shaky. Not up to competition specs. I signed up for sparring and forms. I have to work on Chun-Ji to make it second nature by then, but I feel confident in my sparring abilities.

If you had asked me in the past whether I would become a martial artist, I probably would have laughed. So would my husband. I'm probably one of the least aggressive people in the world. I really do enjoy this, and I think it has forced me to take some of the stress and frustration I have and express it in a healthy way, rather than just supressing it and having it eat away at me.

I'm really enjoying myself, my progress, and the confidence it has given me. Next belt test (probably in December - we have two stripes before then) moves us into the Intermediate classes.
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