trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Plastic surgeon appointment

The plastic surgeon's office just called and I have an appointment for this Thursday afternoon. Things are moving along, and I hope to have some great news when I leave there. I know I have plenty of questions. Mostly, I want to know if I can have the DIEP flap procedure, and exactly how much tissue they can take out of my tummy. I don't care if some gets wasted *laugh* I want to know if I can go smaller, and a bit perkier. I want to know what recovery time is like doing all of this at once. I want to know where the scars will be (although this doesn't really matter much to me). There are just SO many questions!

I guess I still can't believe this is real. It's just so overwhelming. Lord knows how Scott will deal with about a month of taking care of the kids alone. He's done it for weeks at a time, and even when they were infants, but I think I will feel like I should help out if I'm physically here in the house and something needs to be done.
Tags: brca
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