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Yay for Labor Day

Mainly, yay for Labor Day sales!

Yesterday I got the early edition Sunday paper, to see if there were any good sales. Only one thing really caught my eye. Instead of the usual '20% off one item' coupon, Linens-N-Things had a '20% off your entire purchase' coupon for today and tomorrow only. You better believe I was there this morning!

Along with half of Frisco, I think.

I did get some fairly practical and fun things, although not anything we really NEEDED. Could have lived without all of it, but it was nice to get them. We have this crappy rusted shelf thing sitting in the corner of our shower, so I finally found a floor to ceiling corner shelf unit that actually fits our ceiling. Usually, they stop around 8 feet. This one goes to nine feet, so it would work for our shower. We have some threadbare towels, so I got a couple of new sets. I got a nice set of 600 thread count sateen sheets. I found a wraparound neck pillow that has built-in speakers and an ipod connector, and another pillow (for when I'm laying down) that is round and has a connector for the ipod and a single center speaker. I found, at a DEEP discount, a bird feeder that attaches to the window and has a motion sensor on it. You can turn it on so that when a bird comes up to feed, it will trigger a remote inside so you can watch them. I saved the best for last, though. Because of the degenerative disk disease, and the little cusioning it provides within my tailbone, taking a bath isn't very comfortable. Sitting on the hard floor of the tub is difficult, but I found this really nice cushion. It has suction cups on the bottom so it stays where you put it, and is a good six inches thick. My shameful secret is that up until now, I have been taking a towel and folding it up to sit on when I take a bath. NO MORE!!!! I might just clean out the tub to take a bath tonight.

Then, I noticed that Half Price Books was also having 20% off everything in the store. I got a second Leap Pad plus Writing (which, pissing me off, they don't make anymore now that my boys are using it and learning SO MUCH. Really, if you have kids, go to a second-hand store or used book store and get them one. My boys are learning phonics and math really easily from this) so they don't have to fight over the one. We now have five Leap Pads - one regular one they got a couple of years ago that they broke by dropping it, a regular one that replaced it, a Leap Pad plus writing which they used till it just didn't work anymore (I suspect a long fall from the top bunk for this one), and then the two used ones I got recently. I'm also buying up all of the 'plus writing' books on sale now as people try to get rid of them. Even if it is too 'advanced' for them now, I want it for later. I found a math Leap Pad book on money, which I think they will enjoy. Other than that, all of the puchases were for me. Two 'regular' reading books, one on breast reconstruction, one on hysterectomy, and two on breast cancer risk. Supplementing my Internet reading here, and I can also let Scott read some of the better parts.

On the way home, I noticed that Kroger had someone out grilling meat, and we needed soft drinks anyway... so dinner was sausage, ribs and garlic bread. Not even any veggies. My stomach HATES me right now, but it was YUMMY! I followed it up with a frozen mint chocolate Pop-Tart and I think I will sit there and become a blob for a while.

I'm watching the Auburn game from last night. I'm really hopeful that my boys will have a REALLY good year.

War Damn Eagle!

(Oh yeah, Michael started the day by throwing up, but appears to be feeling better now. Matthew, who was fine this morning, went downhill fast, and by the time I came home from shopping, he was screaming on the couch and holding his ear. Daddy had put some Floxin (antibiotic ear drops) in his ear, and I gave him Motrin and put in some benzocaine ear drops to stop the pain. Ear infection explains why his throat was hurting him the last couple of days. Thankfully, since Matthew gets so many infections, we already have all of the antibiotics and meds needed to fight this quickly. I hope he improves tomorrow and is ok for school on Tuesday. I hate to see my boys sick.)


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Sep. 4th, 2006 01:28 am (UTC)
Tailgating last night was a blast & rolling Toomer's was even better.
Sep. 4th, 2006 02:32 am (UTC)
I miss that so much. Since I was in the art building directly catty corner across from Toomer's, it was great to go over and get a vanilla coke, and then after games hang out on the lawn and roll the corner. I had such a great time at Auburn. Fun years :)

I tell you though - we seem to have a KILLER team this year. It could go all the way if they keep this momentum going.
Sep. 4th, 2006 06:29 am (UTC)
Retail therapy rocks. I love holiday sales! Too bad they don't happen here!
Sep. 4th, 2006 04:25 pm (UTC)
Don't any retailers take advantage of any of the Hungarian holidays to try to make money?
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