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My back has gone down to a dull roar, with only three and a half days before we do it all over again on the other side. Now, I at least know what to expect and that the pain goes away within a couple of days. This procedure has just AMAZED me. I used to not be able to arch my back (lean backwards) without pain. Now, I can tell that the surgery worked because when I lean back, I still have the pain on the left side, but NOTHING on the right. I can't wait until the other side is done!!!!

The 'best' part of this (outside of now not having pain from the right side of my spine) has been getting to spend time with my kitty. To give some history, I've had Syd since she was only a few weeks old. She's now 16 years old. She's an orange tabby, kind of flabby, and very dear to my heart. She started going into chronic renal failure a few years back and had to be watched quite closely. At the same time, my mother moved into town because we were pregnant with Michael and Matthew. My mother lives by herself, so we agreed that although it broke my heart, Sydney was better off living with her. I still pay for vet visits and things like that, but she at least gets free roam of mom's place and someone who is devoted to her. She wouldn't get that level of attention at our place with two dogs and two kids, one of whom is allergic to cats. Anyway, fast forward. A few weeks ago, her kidney levels went south again. I had to bring her back to our house, giving her a bedroom of her own upstairs away from Matthew, so I could give her subcutaneous fluids several times a week along with other medicines. She mostly stays under the bed.

I have been sleeping up there for a few nights after the procedure on my back and it's great. Syd comes up on the bed and stays with me cuddling. It's like old times. It's the bright spot that will make Tuesday's stuff easier - it means another 2 days or so up alone with my kitty :)
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