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When to tell work

I talked things over with my 'big sis', Jax, about when it was appropriate to tell my boss about the medical issues I am about to go through. My concern was that I would be so distracted and have so many doctor's appointments that I wondered if I should go ahead and mention it. We decided that it was probably best to wait until I had met with all of the doctors, finalized the plans, and had a date for the surgery. I can then go to my boss and explain things fully, and even let him know two vital things:

- Working from home on a wireless laptop means that very little work will be missed. I was working the day after my knee surgery, and I only miss a few hours when I get the neurotomies on my back. I'll be hospitalized for 3-5 days, but once I come home, I should be back on within a few days, so we are talking maybe only one week missed, even though it will be a month before I am back up to normal activities.

- I'm planning on possibly doing the surgery in January if all works out. This may make him feel better since my two major projects launch on October 2 and then January 2. Once they launch, I should have some 'down time' before new projects are started.

I think this is the plan now. I assume I meet with the other two docs in the next few weeks, as Dr. Euhus went ahead and scheduled my husband and I for a 'pre-op' meeting on October 2. That's when we'll decide on dates.


BTW - Instead of a filter (since most people wanted on it anyway), or a cut, I'm just going to mark all of my posts on this subject with one of my two breast cancer icons. That makes them easily identifiable.
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