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Why am _I_ up on Saturday morning with the kids while Scott sleeps in? One word: Tippy. Tippy sleeps in our master bathroom so we can keep an eye on her. She has her crate, toys, water, food, etc. Around 7 this morning, she started whining because her tiny bladder had enough waiting. I got up, threw on a robe, and let her out for a few minutes to pee. Once I saw her go, I let her back in (Pepper and Barqs stayed outside), and I brought Tippy to bed with me to try to get more sleep. She laid down for a good half hour next to me, until she started hearing Pepper barking in the backyard. She wanted to respond, so to keep her from waking up Scott, I got dressed and took her out into the living room, letting the other dogs in to play with her.

Yes, her. Despite both info sheets clearly saying male, this is a female dog.

Anyway, there was one really sweet thing when Tippy got dropped off. I have a thing I do to make the owners feel better about being away from their pets. I take 'vacation photos' of their time with us and send them home with the dog. When Tippy came back, there was a notecard talking about how the photos were now framed and displayed in the house, and referring to me as Tippy's 'surrogate mom'. I also got a big glass-enclosed candle that is caramel creme scented. YUMMY!!!!!!!