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The only path is forward

My friend, Colleen, just called me a 'glass half full' kind of person. I sure hope that is what I am putting forward. I hear that if you act a certain way, it will soon become a part of you.

I met today with the breast cancer research oncologist at UT Southwestern. While he said that if I was determined to remain 'intact' he would be more than glad to work with me on close monitoring of my situation, he agreed with my other doctors that the best course of action was a full hystorectomy, bilateral mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. I'm considering the DIEP flap reconstruction, because of the preservation of muscles, and the 'tummy tuck' that gets thrown in by using the tissue from the abdomen. The cool thing? They can do everything in one LONG surgery. While the oncologist is taking the breasts, the plastic surgeon is harvesting abdomen tissue. While the plastic surgeon is reconstructing, the gyn surgeon is going in through the already exposed abdomen to do the hystorectomy.

3-5 days in the hospital. 30 days after that to 'normal activities'. Probably a bit longer before I can get back into Tae Kwon Do. I might have to put my enrollment on hold for 8-10 weeks to give myself plenty of time to build back up.

I have to meet with the gyn. surgeon and the plastic surgeon next. Then Scott and I will meet with all three together to talk about a plan and timeline.

I think it's pretty certain now.

Yes, I also have a BIG TALL DRINK in my hand. (georgiaskydiver - it's that yummy vanilla rum you introduced me to, Whaler's)
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