trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Yummy, yummy, yummy

Cheap Chinese food delivered. Yay. After the activity of yesterday it is nice to have a lazy day. I woke up about 9, came out into the living room, had breakfast, then promptly laid on the couch and slept for another hour and a half. By that time, we were ready to order lunch.

After coming home from the mall and the liquor store (ever walked around a liquor store with two five-year-olds? They kept wanting to know why they couldn't sample the 'mommy juice' the hawker was giving me), we took some drinks (I had coconut mudslides) and Scott brough a couple of cigars, and we hung out in the backyard. I tried to put up the volleyball net I had gotten the kids, but, as usual, 'on sale' sometimes means 'wasn't worth they money we were charging for it in the first place. I tried to stake one pole in the ground, and it promptly fell over and broke the PLASTIC stake in half. Same thing happened on the other side. I think once I find a solution that is actually METAL for the stakes, it will work fine. Until the sun destroys the net like it did our tetherball rope.

The boys are quietly playing in the other room, Scott is upstairs playing WOW (of course!), and I'm just vegged out in my nest. Life is good. Oh, just got a pup to join me so life is Really good now.


Oh, on an unrelated rant, we had run out of quite a few medications this week, so I had to pick them all up yesterday. GOOD GOD!!!! I have a drug plan, so I can't imagine what this would have been like without one. Copays have just been rising and rising. Matthew's meds are the worst. Focalin XR doesn't have a generic yet - so it's $60 a month copay. His Prevacid melttabs don't have a generic, so they are $60 a month. The GENERIC for Michael's laxative is $20 a month. One of mine was $40. I spent $200 on prescriptions yesterday. Two for me, two for Matthew, one for Michael. This is getting out of hand.

I guess Michael needs to learn how to poop, Matthew has to suck it up and get over this whole 'GERD eating away my esophogus and stomach' and 'Needing to actually concentrate and listen at school' thing, and I need to stop being so damn crazy. :)
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