trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,


uZap, otherwise known as the green and white flailing thing in Brookstone. :)

Guess what? It may be $200 at Brookstone, but at the Brookstone OUTLET is was only $50. Guess who has one now? I'm rolling on the floor turning it on and watching it walk away. I haven't even gotten around to putting it on my back yet. *laugh*

It was a fun day. We got the kids around and went to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch, out at Grapevine Mills outlet mall. We ate WAY too much, and as ALWAYS in that place, spent a fortune. It didn't help that the attached store had a whole leopard section on sale. I almost got the leopard cowboy hat, but ended up with a pair of lounge pants, a halter top, and a black t-shirt trimmed in leopard print. I'm sad, I know it.

Scott went by a knife store and bought two HUGE swords, and a hand axe. Very nice display pieces and he talked the guy down over half. Only problem was that our day was then over because we couldn't very well carry about five foot steel swords in the mall.

The liquor store called our name on the way home, and I got some of that yummy vanilla run that georgiaskydiver introduced me to. Time to strap the uZap on (MY BACK!), make myself a drink, and maybe play some computer games while listening to my iPod. Sounds like a good night to me!
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