February 11th, 2012

Consumer whore

Finally a path from DSLR to iPad!

It's something I've been wanting since I got my iPad 2 - the means to take pictures directly from my DSLR Compact Flash card onto my iPad 2. Apple has a camera kit, which will let you connect digital cameras using a USB connection or transfer from an SD card onto the iPad. However, most DSLR cameras actually use the clunky CF cards, which won't work with that kit.

I can't tell you just how long it took for me to transfer all of the pictures I took from our last Black Belt exam to the point where I could post them to the Vision Martial Arts Center facebook page! I had to put the CF card in a reader on my computer, view the files to choose which ones I wanted on the computer to edit, transfer them to the computer, open them in GIMP to resize and/or crop, put them on an SD card, transfer them to the iPad and then bulk upload them to Facebook.

What a pain, right? Yes, I have reasons for why I did those last steps instead of just doing it on the computer, but they were worth it.

I just tested out the new iPad 2 Connection CF Card Reader Kit I bought this week.


Pulled the CF card from my camera, slapped the connector on the iPad, loaded them right up and there they were. Incredible! I would highly recommend this for anyone with an iPad as a way to quickly upload videos or get a larger/higher-def view into what pictures they are getting WHILE still out taking the photos. You don't have to lug a laptop around to have the convenience.

Love it. Love it. Love it! Now I just have to go share it with the guys at Camera Stop since they wanted to know whether they should stock it. :)