trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Thank you, drought

I noticed our fence bending in the wind and went to check it out. Coming from the corner of our house, down to the street looks like a freakin' fault line. There is a deep gap, maybe an inch or more wide in parts. The ground has pulled away from the concrete supporting the metal poles on our fence so that they just...sway back and forth. This drought has GOT to end so we can water the damn place.

I'm going out tomorrow to try to get soaker hoses so we don't get serious foundation problems on our house. If we don't already thanks to this.

One good thing, it feels REALLY good out there right now. Not too hot with a strong breeze. The strange thing about that is that it is COMPARATIVELY cool outside. I think it feels GREAT - compared with 106. It's only 95 out there right now. Downright chilly! :)
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