February 26th, 2009


Move along. Nothing to see here.

Still here. Still hurting. Still making the most of my life.

My attention span has gone to the dogs. Well, I think our dogs would disagree because they have gotten LESS attention if you ask them! :)

I have to choose each day of whether to sleep it all away or cause myself physical pain and possible damage by speeding my way through the day. I worked in the yard the other day. I had on gloves, but still hurt my hands by ripping out grass. I just kept plowing through it and could not stop, even though I knew my hands hurt. I then stayed out there until _1 AM_ moving things around trying to get the backyard to where I could stand to sit out there on nice days. I paid dearly for that day and am just now starting to feel 'normal' again. That was also when I gave up on the doctor's idea of taking 200mg of Provigil EVERY DAY. Now I just take it when I know I have to be awake for something, and then just hope I can remember what it was!

On a brighter note, I taught a jewelry class last night with three people in it. Saturday, I have 2 people in a painting class. Today, I found out that on the 3rd I have another jewelry class with 3 people, and the next day a sewing for kids (lazy pants) class with 3 kids!!!! YAY! It's only a little bit of cash, but I have enough notice now to be able to rest up and prepare. I wish I could find an actual JOB like this, where you make your own schedule, only have to work in 2-3 hour increments and know what will be happening before it happens. I could handle that but those jobs just don't exist unless it is under the guise of 'volunteer work'. Ummm, I need money.

The kids camps this summer should be fun. I signed up to teach quite a few - one of each of these a month: PomPom Planet (an earth wall hanging made out of pom-poms), a memo board, embellished flip-flops, a Disney scrapbook, garden creatures made out of small painted pots.

Also, I created a trend class with baby scrapbooking, picked up a jewelry 301 for stringing (beadweaving, actually. bad terminology on their part), and new painting subjects for the One-Stroke classes (roses and hydrangeas).

I need to upload some pics of my latest projects, especially so misskerri can see the one I made for her! That's next, I guess!