November 28th, 2008


Gotta love those doorbusters and coupons

I don't do the early morning shopping experience on Black Friday. However, I don't have anything against stopping by some favorite haunts later in the afternoon if I am already out. On my way to take my mom home, we first went to Joann's. She got me my Christmas present - or rather I bought it using money that I had originally spent to pay for her rent, which was reimbursed by the VA, and then I supplied a half off coupon.

I got this sewing machine roller case which was originally $90 and doorbuster price of $30. I used my half-off coupon to 'let mom buy me' this sewing table that was originally $229 and we got it for around $115. The cashier looked at me funny as she said "Today you saved...$175????????"

We did a quick run by Wal-Mart and didn't get anything. Last place was Half Price Books where I got some books on several religions Michael wanted to know more about (Buddhism and a couple of Christian religions) and a t-shirt that says 'Books! Read the Movie!' with a picture of popcorn next to it.

I'm off to set up my table and get all of this sewing stuff off of the floor.

Thanksgiving? Went well. Ang and her girls joined us and we ate way too much food. Then we drank, sang along with 'Don't forget the lyrics' and listened to the Doors. Woot. Too much fun to handle. :)