November 20th, 2008

TKD avatar


I DID IT!!!! :) Tonight, I achieved my red belt in Tae Kwon Do. I broke three one-inch boards (and got in trouble for it. Ooops), sparred three black belts separately and then fought all three of them as a group. I flubbed my fifth form by forgetting the second half, but otherwise did pretty good.

I look like I've been run over by a car, and feel pretty close to it as well. I have a cut on one arm (which is why I got into trouble for breaking boards with my medical condition), bruising on my shoulder, on both forearms, along one leg and foot, and my other leg is almost completely bruised from knee to toes. Ouch. It's over and I'm resting now. I could take a BATH in Arnica *laugh*

BTW, that would be MRS. HOWARD to you now *snicker* It's so funny to tell my kids they now have to call me Mrs. Howard in class. Even funnier to think that I have to log 20-50 hours of teaching before my next belt test. I'm assistant instructor level now. I'm now working on my brown belt, and then after that I would become a black belt candidate. I still can't believe it.

Now, for a few 'bullet point' updates.

- Matthew gets his tonsils out on Tuesday

- Matthew also had a very difficult (UNDERSTATEMENT) week. On Tuesday, he wanted to finish an art project but it was time to move to the next class. He flipped out. TOTALLY flipped out. Nonverbal, screaming, growling, fighting contact and trying to run away. It took three teachers to carry him out to the car and I spent a good 30-45 minutes trying to get him into a seat. We finally had to have his teacher hold down Matthew and ride home with us while another teacher followed. Otherwise, I couldn't have made it home. If I let go of him, he tried to open the doors and get out of the car. I spent a good hour or so after getting home just holding him down. I talked to his psychiatrist and we decided the only option at that point was to take him to Children's hospital and get him sedated with a shot. I REALLY didn't want to do that. I actually threatened Matthew to get him to sit in the seat without unbuckling himself (losing all games, no tv, a spanking, etc.) and talked to him ONE LAST TIME while in the parking lot at Children's. The reality of getting a shot at the hospital to calm him down hit home and he withdrew into himself. He spent the rest of the day and all day yesterday focused inward. Today he seems ok, but I haven't seen a break like this in YEARS and back then I was able to just pick him up and make him do what he needed to. Now, he's bigger and stronger, and it exhausted me to hold him still for hours hoping he would wear himself out. Ok, this bullet point turned out to be its own story :)

- We have a new rescue coming in on Saturday. We got to name him and he'll be known as 'Ajax' in the Cairn Rescue family. He's not a puppy mill dog, but rather a surrender by owner who didn't have the time available to take care of him. I just need to make sure he is social, housebroken, and ready to be adopted. Since he is only a year old, I think he'll get adopted quickly.

- Mom finally got her VA backpay. YAY! That's one less thing I need to worry about and we can keep her in assisted living.

Now I just need to rest for a while and take some tylenol.