November 6th, 2008

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What an interesting week!

- I've been doing so much hard labor at the dojo in trade for lowered tuition for me and the boys, that I've finally made the move to office duties. Yay. May not be money coming in, but it is way less going out.

- Matthew got to see his ENT today and confirmed what we've been waiting on for years: His tonsils need to come out. On November 25, he will be getting them removed to what I'm sure will be days of pure joy and a sunny Thanksgiving :)

- Saturday was the memorial for Gene. It was absolutely beautiful and reminded us all how much he made us laugh. We spent a good four hours talking about him, hanging out and catching up. That night was Ang's surprise birthday party, but I didn't feel up to staying too late. Death will do that to you.

- I got to help Colleen prepare a house for the upcoming tour of homes. We spent a couple of hours planting pansies in the front, and then several more hours trimming Christmas trees. One in just about every room, all very beautiful and differently themed. It got me so pumped that I went ahead and got the stuff to trim our Christmas tree this year.

- Arithmetic, our Cairn Terrier foster fuzzbutt, gets to meet and go home with his new forever mommy tomorrow. She is driving up from San Antonio and around lunchtime they will get to meet for the first time. I'll have to take lots of pictures, because I know they will both be so happy. We'll be sad to see him go, but so grateful that someone is bringing him into their family forever.

- Sunday I'm actually going to try 'offense only' sparring in preparation for my red belt exam in two weeks. I won't take any hits from the black belts, just feints I need to block, and I will show my proficiency through my attacks. Same thing with the board breaking - the boards won't be 'challenging', but I have to show perfect strikes as well as sufficient power and form. The other thing I found out is that I will then have to be addressed as 'Ms. Howard' *laugh* That will sure be weird.

- Finally, the one personal BUMMER for the week. Did you know that your big toe, with sufficient force, can fit between the wheel and wheel caging of an office chair? I found that out today when rolling quickly across the floor to throw something away for Deb at the dojo. Before I knew what hit me, my big toe was trapped between the wheel and its cover. I had to stand up and PULL my toe out. Great crush injury and it throbs constantly. Nothing really to do about it but wait until it heals. Tae Kwon Do and Kobudo (Japanese Weapons) classes tomorrow ought to be just delightful.

Look at my owie!!!!! Think the nail will just fall off eventually? The black under the nail just keeps creeping outward. Sorry if this grosses you out :)