October 27th, 2008


Your new instructor

Well, well. What an afternoon at the local craft store can bring.

You are reading the journal of one of the newest instructors at Joann Fabrics, starting classes in January, 2009.

"But Trish! What will you be teaching?"

I think the question should be what will I NOT be teaching? *laugh* To start out, I'll be teaching knitting 101 and 201, sewing for teens 101 and 201, jewelry 101, wedding necklace and hair accessories, ring bearer pillows, floral bouquet for weddings, floral centerpieces and decor for weddings, papercrafting for weddings (invitations, thank you notes, etc.).

Can you say overwhelming????? Not that I don't think I can teach all of them, but I figured floor them with the crafts I know, show off tons of my work, and they might let me start with a beginners class to prove my worth. Know what though? Each of those damn classes means I get to keep 75% of all registration fees and only take up 2 1/2 nights a week. I can still do Southern Living At HOME. I could even still get a part-time job while the kids are at school.

Maybe I can make this damn thing work afterall.

I need to do some budgeting, because chances are, you can't make 6 figures teaching art classes, selling SLAH and schlepping through some part-time minimum wage job. :) As long as I make enough to pay my bills and occasionally splurge on something for the kids, keep them clothed, pay for Tae Kwon Do and not put too much of a burden on Scott.

As Gene-Bob would have told me, if you don't want to be a burden on Scott, lose a few pounds, woman! :) (Memorial for GB is this Saturday)

I think he would have thought me trying to make a living doing my own thing was a hoot.