October 12th, 2008

White trash

A vacation from our vacation

I'm so glad the kids are out of school tomorrow. I need a good night's rest. A vacation from our vacation. *laugh* No, actually the camping this weekend was wonderful. We couldn't have asked for better weather, especially to sleep at night in the tents. We met some wonderful people in the campsite next to us and may meet them for camping again. They are wildlife rehabbers who were just the sweetest folks. A woman and her husband, their daughter and the daughter's two kids. They played with all of our kids and now we are having the 'Wait to see whose kid comes down with Poison X rash first'.

Scott stayed with us on Friday night, and bought the boys a pocket knife. He taught them proper handling, opening, closing, and they kept it in their pocket (taking turns). He also sat them down and taught them to whittle (I actually typed 'shittle' there. Clumsy fingers). Saturday morning they were up at the crack of dawn and Scott took almost all of the kids fishing at the lake. Unfortunately, he had to head out this morning, so he left Saturday to be able to get his dry cleaning, a hair cut and pack his bags. We got back just before lunch today.

We will absolutely need to camp more often down there. It's a 30-45 minute drive, depending upon traffic, and only costs $15 a night for a campsite. Each site has a covered picnic table / pavilion type thing, a water pump, two electrical outlets, ample room for 2-3 tents, and a fire pit. We were lucky that we booked one that was two sites down from the restrooms. Didn't stop some of the kids. We now know the answer to the question 'Does a Matthew shit in the woods?' *laugh*

Pictures later, but here is where we were: Loyd Park in Grand Prairie


On a sadder note, when I logged into my IM session tonight, I saw Gene logged in. It says idle just over 2 days. I wonder who has been on his computer. Paula? It made me really sad, because I started to IM him making some wisecrack about camping before I realized that sending to his IM account isn't an option anymore.