June 28th, 2008



We have two guest dogs right now who are just the sweetest things. One is a 10-year-old Golden Retriever with arthritis who, despite that, loves to play with tennis balls and juggle them with you. The other is a fairly recent addition to their family, a six-year-old Shepherd mix they adopted four months ago. She has such a sad story. She lived with a man, and when he got remarried a few years ago the new wife didn't believe dogs belonged in the house. They kicked her out into the backyard for years. They got a new wooden fence and found that the dog chewed on it out of fear/boredom/anxiety/whatever. Since they had spent a great deal of money on the fence, the man was given one week to find a home for the dog or to put her down.

I'm so glad she found this new family, who really seem to love her just as much as their other dog. They are both so sweet, and I can't imagine anyone putting this dog out (even though she did chew my fence and allow the Golden to get out at one point - there is now a good one-foot by one-foot hole in my fence).

Here's the thing - we have a major storm coming. I remembered reading something about the new dog being scared of storms. I looked things up, and in her medicine is a bottle of valium to be given before the storm hits. It says to give SIX TABLETS at once prior to the storm. These are 5 mg tablets - same as they give some people. Ok, so _30MG_ of valium???????? For an 80 pound dog????

Just how scared IS this dog of storms?

It just may prove to be an interesting night. *laugh*


I wanna be sedated...

Our dear sedated guest dog has been cracking me up! During a lapse in the storm, they needed to go out to pee in the backyard. She started RUNNING out the door directly into the big water bowl. Splashed it everywhere and almost made her do a faceplant onto the patio.

On the way back in, she blew through the door and all four legs went four different directions as she hit the slick tile with wet paws.

Poor baby. I bet she'll sleep well tonight, though ;)