May 19th, 2008

APS sucks

Strange medical crap

Last Monday, I went and got massive amounts of blood drawn for tests. Tuesday I had a brain MRI.

Today was my appointment to get the results. I was totally stunned, ya'll, and hope to find out the truth soon.

Nothing wrong on the MRI. No additional auto-immune diseases to go along with the APS. No Hep C or HIV from my blood transfusions.

What came back as positive? Lyme disease!

WTF? I mean, really. LYME DISEASE????

I've done a lot of reading to figure this out, because neither Scott nor I think I actually have Lyme disease. I think it is a false positive due to the APS. I have arthritis and I have an autoimmune disease. Both are noted to sometimes give false positives on the test they did.

I have my medical files going over to an infectious disease specialist for review. I hope he will take me on just to do more testing and rule this out.

I also have found ONE rheumatologist here in the Dallas area that treats APS, and SURPRISE SURPRISE he doesn't take ANY insurance. He works as an out-of-network provider, and will file insurance for you, but has said that he likes to take all the time needed to work with his patients rather than be stuck to a cut-rate, shove them through the door type of practice. I just need to find out how much out of pocket this 'patient-centric' practice would cost me :)

I wish more in the medical field had a clue when it came to APS. The patient is NOT supposed to be the expert.