May 12th, 2008


Just. Slow. Down.

Vent the First: Bad Mama moment - the boys start talking non-stop and at the same time and it just echos in my head, and I can't think. I've never done it, but when it gets like this I just want to scream 'SHUT UP!!!!' so I can think.

Vent Deux: More medical bullshit. Since I am still having symptoms (severe fatigue, headaches, memory loss / brain fog, odd rash on my feet, muscle pain) I unloaded on my hematologist/oncologist today. This is starting to affect my life in a major way and I keep getting conflicting information. I can't find a rheumatologist who has any experience with APS. The APSFA told me that the finger stick INR machines are unreliable with APS patients. I am just so tired and frustrated. They are running some blood tests to check for various auto-immune diseases that sometimes coexist with APS. Some other blood tests are to check for wonderful things such as HIV or Hep C since I've had a couple of blood transfusions. Finally, tomorrow, I get to have a MRI of my brain to check for any damage from small clots / TIAs.


I think I'm going to go swing for a while now. Oh - I also got a Mother's Day card from GS, who always has the best timing for having things arrive when I'm in a funk. Thank you.