April 17th, 2008


Birthday pictures

I've been a slacker and not posting a lot lately. I have the worst fatigue ever.

I dragged myself out Thursday night last week with Kim and Ang. We weren't having a great time for some reason at Martini Park, so we headed over to a new place (to me, they've been there before) called Loft 610. After a while (or maybe after enough drinks) we started dancing to what the DJ was spinning and soon enough, lots of other people were up dancing. We closed the place down and then had a GREAT early morning meal at IHOP. I got home around 3 am. Great night, but I just can't keep those kind of hours anymore.

I think we're doing it again on Friday *laugh*

Sunday was Michael and Matthew's 7th birthday!!! We had a great time at Bounce U and I took lots of pictures.

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