April 2nd, 2008


AI thoughts

Oh, look. They caught back up with Phil the Fetus. Didn't need to see that again.

What did make me happy? I loved Bo Bice throughout the season he was on, yet I was horribly disappointed with his first album. Listening to the second album, where he goes back to 'Southern Rock' sounds like it will be the real thing. I might have to check it out.

Why was Brook in the bottom three? I think she has talent.

Right choice sending home Ramiel (however she spells her name). Weakest of those left.
Turned into my mother

Ready for the birthday(s)!

Tomorrow, my mom turns 73. I _JUST_ finished her present and we'll bring her over tomorrow for dinner and her present. In her honor, I picked a craft that she taught me but I haven't done in many, many years: plastic canvas. I thought it wasn't that interesting or challenging. Working on this project, which I pretty much made up based on something I saw, I realized something doesn't have to be challenging to be beautiful.

Two sides (four spaces) are actually picture frames, and I asked the boys to goof off while holding a sign for Gamma. I love the way they came out.

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I think we're pretty much ready for the boys' birthday on the 13th. They are having it at Bounce U and we got invitations out yesterday. I can't wait for it all to be over. My birthday is next week during the week and I hope it just goes over with very little drama.

Scott starts his new job on the 7th. I guess that's about the best damn birthday present I could ask for. He accepted a position with Datacert, a company that sells tracking software to law firms. I so hope this makes him happier.

OH! Today I got another 'present'. Someone from high school contacted me and I got invited to my 'true' 20 year reunion. I saw 'true' because from the time I was nine through the start of my senior year, I went to school with one set of people. My senior year, I moved to another high school and graduated there. I went to their 10 year reunion, but I don't really know that many people there so it was only of minimal interest. HOWEVER, I always wished I could go back to what I considered my real graduating class. The one with my best friend, Tina. The one with all of the memories. This year, I get to do that. The reunion will be late summer or early fall in Huntsville. If it is while the boys are out of school, I will take a good long break from work and drive with them up to Huntsville for the reunion. Maybe then go over to Georgia for a visit with my other best friend ;) If the boys are in school, I'll probably just fly, but maybe I can still set up a meeting with GS.

Look! It's Trish in high school!!!!


Hey Kerri!

Hey, misskerri - does Nick need a bike with training wheels, or maybe a larger bike with training wheels? Matthew has outgrown the one he used last summer and the seat won't go up anymore. While he still has to struggle on tippy-toes to get onto Michael's bike, they are sharing that one for now.

This leaves us with one perfectly fine boy bike, newly pumped tires, sitting in the garage.