March 9th, 2008


Such a nice day

It has snowed twice this week, and today was BEAUTIFUL!

Ang's ex-husband-to-be was out of town and let her and her daughters stay the weekend in the house. We went over to eat lunch and play volleyball, like we usually do during the spring and summer. Yes, I played volleyball!

Actually, I stood in one location and got the balls that came within one step of me :) Scott even got out and played a couple of games.

The best part of the day was watching Scott doing a little 'mentoring'. He spent his whole youth playing football. I realized that Scott was out with a friend's son teaching him how to throw and catch the ball. Her son is six, same as ours, so Scott was amazed and bragged on him when he was able to throw a bit of a spiral. He kept urging her to get her son in football because he has some natural talent there. Then he tried to work with our boys on football. They did decent on throwing and catching, but need some work.

Scott told them when they came home that this summer, they WILL learn a few basics - throwing and catching a ball, riding a bike without training wheels, skating, swimming well, things like that. I think it's a good idea, and it will do us good to be active as a family. Scott has so much to teach them in football and archery. They were areas he excelled in as a youth, along with his brains. Unfortunately, it's also the reason he isn't so active now. Football killed his knees. Surgeries and damage caused extensive arthritis. He's in the same boat I am - exercise helps the arthritis, but it hurts to exercise.

Oh! Ang found a house of her own, and they are supposed to close by the end of this month. It will be great for her and the girls to be able to put down roots and start making a life apart.