March 2nd, 2008



Wow. With kids, laundry gets interesting with kids.

When I went to put in the latest load of the kids' laundry, I realized how different things get with kids.

After loading the last load, with a serious shaking, all that was left was:

- A milk bottle cap
- A suction cup
- A rainbow colored slinky

Drink to make things suck less

10,000 BC

Am I the only one who thinks that the CGi for the movie "10,000 BC" looks like it was really done in 10,000 BC?

Really. 2008. We can do fairly amazing CGI now. Does it really have to look like a 1970's TV show?


Is it just me or has anyone else decided that watching it as reruns that '2 1/2 men' is the funniest show ever?
Drink to make things suck less


There is very little vodka left.

I have a headache (does this count as my first official hangover?).

I seem to remember hugging the toilet.

I repeat: Ugh.

Guess I needed a release, huh?